What is Green Tea?

There is a lot of talk that can be found in the media and in various websites about the benefits of green tea, but one question that is often ignored is that of the definition of the drink, so what is green tea? There are also a number of health benefits that are often associated with green tea, and these are as vital to the overall success of the drink as the taste.

What Kind of Leaves Make Green Tea?

The Latin name for the green tea plant is Camellia sinensis, and the tea itself is subjected to minimal processing, which actually allows for the majority of the beneficial aspects to be retained in the leaves, which are then found in the drink itself. Although there are other types of teas, green tea is massively popular across Asia, and is also growing in popularity in the western world too.

How is the Tea Prepared?

When it comes to the preparation of green tea, there are so many different ways in which the different people will prepare the drink that what is green tea for one country may not be the same for another country. Generally the leaves are submerged in hot, although not boiling water, and allowed to steep for up to three minutes to allow the full flavor and the beneficial substances found naturally within the leaves to be transferred to the water.

The Health Benefits of Green Tea

One aspect of the green tea drink which has helped it to become such a phenomenon in the western world is that studies have shown that drinking green tea will provide significant health benefits. Helping to fight cancer, reducing blood pressure, and being a natural antioxidant are all features which have been associated with green tea, and the overall impression is that there really is a beneficial effect to be had from drinking green tea.

Some Japanese studies have suggested that the drinking of green tea can have a big impact on conditions like heart failure, although skeptics do suggest that the benefits may have more to do with the overall quality of the Japanese diet when compared to those in the west, rather than just being associated with the tea. Many people may ask what green tea is going to do for them, but it can be said that when combined with a healthy diet, it can have a beneficial effect on the susceptibility of an individual to issues like cancer and high cholesterol.

For those people who drink it, green tea is as much a way of life as black tea has been in the western world. The taste itself is one that may take some getting used to, but there are many different types that are worth trying. Hopefully, the information here will have helped you to learn more about what green tea is, and how it can have a beneficial impact on the lives of the many people worldwide who drink it as part of their daily routine.