How to Prepare Green Tea

Learning the right way on how to prepare green tea and enjoying a lovely cup of it is one of the great pleasures in life, as it can really be a very nice and nutritious drink. However, because of the fact that preparing the tea incorrectly can have negative consequences on the overall result, many people will mistakenly end up believing that they actually don’t like green tea. Outlined in this article are some tips on how to prepare green tea to get the full health benefits and perfect taste that you’re looking for.

Use the right amount of tea

Although it is more convenient and quicker to make a cup of green tea using a teabag, this is actually not the best way to prepare the drink, as the flavor that will be delivered when the tea is drunk will not be that great. Those learning how to prepare green tea for the first time will often find the best results using loose tea leaves. For those preparing their green tea in the traditional way, it is usually best to use around five grams of tea for every cup that you are preparing. Measure this into the sieve or tea strainer, and then put this into the cup, or into a teapot if preparing a drink for more than one person.

Heating the water

One of the common mistakes that many people will make when they are first learning how to prepare green tea is that they will use water that has been boiled, or even worse, apply boiling water on to the tea leaves. The best way to make sure that the best results from brewing green tea will be obtained is to heat the water to around 80 degrees centigrade, a temperature which is less than the actual boiling point of water. This will help to ensure that the tea leaves themselves aren’t scalded or damaged when the hot water is placed into the container. Once the temperature of the water is about right, pour over the tea leaves.


Once the hot water has been poured over the tea leaves, it is best to leave them for around two to three minutes to allow the flavor to seep. If the tea is left for too short of a period, then not enough flavor will seep from the tea leaves into the water. On the other hand, if left for over three minutes, then the flavor of the tea can become bitter. Many people will experiment with how much the tea should be steeped to give them the perfect flavor combination that they are looking for. Once the desired result is achieved, remove the strainer or sieve, and allow to cool (not too cool, though) for a few moments before enjoying.

Further Information

Learning how to prepare green tea is something that will often be down to the taste of the individual, or how strong they will like their tea to be. It is also accurate that what will be the right preparation and steeping time for one tea will not be the same for all. By experimenting to get the best cup of green tea, many will often find their perfect drink.