Green Tea Supplements for Health and Well-being

There is a lot of information available on green tea and the associated health benefits; but one area which is often neglected is that of green tea supplements, which are often just as effective as actually drinking the tea itself. Because of the nature of the tea, and the fact that the flavor can be found to be off-putting for some people, using a supplement rather than the tea can be a much more attractive proposition.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Green Tea?

As one of the great mainstays of the Asian diet, green tea has often been acclaimed as being everything from a cancer fighting substance to one that can help boost weight loss. And as more people find out about it, there are increasing numbers of studies which suggest that these big claims might actually have some substance behind them.

A study of Japanese people found that there was significantly lower blood pressure and lower risk of heart failure among those people who drink green tea compared to those who don’t. Critics do suggest that this may have to do with other items within the Japanese diet as well as tea.

Another key benefit of green tea supplements is that studies have also shown that taking such a supplement can prove to be a good boost to a weight loss regime. A comparative study of men who were trying to get fit found that those who took a green tea capsule would lose twice as much fat as those who did not take the green tea supplements.

Celebrity Endorsement

There are many famous people who are well known for their use of the drink, but one person who has claimed that she benefited greatly from using a green tea capsule is model Helena Christensen, who suggested that it had helped her fight off illness and infection and helped her to stay healthy.

The Convenience And Regularity Of Supplements

Many different people may find a range of different reasons that may encourage them to try using green tea supplements; and on the whole, it can be a much easier and more convenient way of getting a daily dose of green tea. By taking it in the form of a supplement, it also means that people can continue to drink their preferred hot drink and still get the benefits.

As well as providing an easy to take dose, using a supplement also means that the levels of the substances within the tea will be regulated, which isn’t the case when drinking green tea, as the strength can vary significantly from plant to plant and especially between the different varieties.

There is very little doubt when looking at the studies that have been carried out that there is at least some beneficial health effect that can come from green tea. In terms of being easier to take and much more convenient, there is no doubt that green tea supplements is a simple way to get those benefits.