Green Tea - Lose Weight Naturally

In recent years, studies have revealed the relationship between green tea and weight loss. Many people seek natural ways to improve their health and to lose weight, and including green tea in a healthy diet is a good strategy for weight loss.

New technologies are creating highly processed and highly fattening foods, which are difficult for the body to process. These foods cause weight gain. It takes time and effort to remove the weight, and a strategy of diet and exercise is necessary. Drinking green tea may enhance the process. Many people enjoy tea, and drinking green tea to reap its benefits is a natural choice. Other people may not enjoy it, but there are other ways to add green tea to a healthy diet. For instance, green tea extract is an ingredient of many weight-loss pills. There are even green tea pills available in some health food stores. These green tea weight-loss supplements may be convenient for dieters who find it hard to get to the gym.

Weight loss plans work best with regular exercise, healthy recipes, and the addition of green tea to lose weight. Green tea facilitates faster weight loss during strenuous exercise by increasing the body’s physical endurance. The longer the workout, the more calories are burned, and the more pounds are lost. But exercise also speeds up the metabolism, which assists in burning even more calories.

Green tea’s effectiveness in weight loss is because of its antioxidants, including epigallocathechin gallate, known as EGCG, and its caffeine. Both stimulate the body’s central nervous system to cause excess fats to be released into the bloodstream. These fats are then used by the body as a source of fuel. The process of using excessive fats as energy is called thermogenesis. There are also some studies that prove that green tea polyphenols help to stimulate fat-burning enzymes. So by using green tea as part of a healthy weight-loss strategy, the visceral fats that accumulate around the waist and belly can be processed by the body. Burning off the excess body fat also helps to prevent a wide variety of health problems.

Whether green tea or supplements are chosen to assist with weight loss, the benefits are numerous and can help make health and fitness goals easier to achieve.